20 Hours ECE Funding

20 Hours Early Childhood Education (ECE) Really is Free at Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association

 CMKA offers 20 Hours Free Early Childhood Education to children and families in all twenty six of our kindergartens. This funding is available to all families who choose it.  

Children who are 3 or 4 years old:

  •  If your child is 3 or 4 years and you opt into the government funded "20 hours ECE" scheme then your child's first 20 hours of attendance at one of our kindergartens is free.
  • This funding is provided by the government and is available for everyone, regardless of your family income.
  • When your child starts kindergarten you can complete an Attestation Form at the kindergarten to claim your 20 Hours Free.
  • Your local kindergarten will claim this funding for you when your child starts at kindergarten. 

Children who are 2 years old:

CMKA is committed to increasing participation in quality Early Childhood Education services by making sure our kindergartens are affordable for everyone.

  • If your child is 2 and they attend one of our kindergartens, we also offer you up to 20 hours free attendance. Conditions Apply! Limited Vacancies!
  • Once your child turns 3, you will need to opt into the government funded 20 Hours ECE scheme to continue to receive up to 20 hours free attendance.  

How does the 20 Hours ECE funding work for you?

  • You do not need to use all of your “20 Hours ECE” that you access under the government funded scheme (only available for 3 and 4 year old children), at one early childhood centre
  • You may choose to only use some of your “20 Hours ECE”
  • You will be asked to sign an attestation form to say how you want to use your “20 Hours ECE”.
  • If all of your child’s hours of attendance at kindergarten are covered by your “20 Hours ECE”, then their attendance will be at no cost.
  • If some of your child’s hours of attendance at kindergarten are not covered by your “20 Hours ECE”, then a fee will be charged for these hours.

Please contact your local kindergarten for further information on how you can use your 20 Hours Early Childhood Education.



Term Dates


Early Learning Centres
Friday 12th January 2018 to Friday 21st December 2018

Centres OPEN during term breaks
Tuesday 16th January 2018 to Thursday 20th December 2018

Centres CLOSED during term breaks
Term 1

Friday 19th January to Friday 13th April 

Term 2

Monday 30th April to Friday 6th July

Term 3

Monday 23rd July to Friday 28th September 

Term 4

Monday 15th October to Thursday 20th December






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CMKA offers limited spaces for 2 year olds up to 20 hours free in some Kindergartens.  

Conditions Apply!

All our kindergartens offer 20 hours ECE for all children aged 3 -5 years - Conditions Apply!

If you do not use your 20 Hours ECE allocation at our kindergartens, or your child attends for more than 20 hours each week,  the following fees apply:

Full day Kindergarten -  $4.80 per hour

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